Thursday, September 7, 2017

Feinstein: As Judges Catholics Need Not Apply

Shades of JFK going on TV while running for president having to his Catholic faith defend
Senator Feinstein displaying anti-Catholic bigotry as part of a continuing Blue trend
Getting closer and closer to stepping over the 1st Amendment religion rights line
Implying that if one is a Catholic being a judge is a position that any nominee must decline
An outrageous display of bigotry that in the Senate is totally out of place
Senator Feinstein on her castigation of nominee Amy Barrett is a total disgrace
The Senator is past her time and when she starts her 2018 Senate race,
Christians especially Catholics should as vote as a block to her replace
Of California’s population, Catholics represent one third
She will go down in flames when news of her religious bigotry is heard
Of the nine justices on the Supreme Court 5 are Catholics 1 of whom Sotomayor’s
Pronounced liberal leanings should be proudly be displayed on her chamber’s door
3 of whom are Jews part of the liberal left minority Gang of Four
Fixation of whether the newest member is Catholic or Episcopalian is something we should deplore
Her vote against him disguised by disagreement with his past based on bias that Catholics should be shown the SCOTUS door
So to Feinstein’s bigotry against judges of Catholic belief
Ironic that Feinstein’s ancestors who must have known bigotry first hand and of the pogrom deadly grief
Have as a descendant a woman whose religious bigotry she can barely conceal
Time for her from the Senate to go, a step that would help us the divisions in this nation heal
© September 7, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet                          
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