Monday, September 4, 2017

Harvey and the Draining of the Swamp

The further away from the Swamp one manages to escape
The clarity of why we are a great nation begins to take shape
The Swamp as the center of federal power is like a true swamp with stifling tropical heat
Like a disease breeding ground with all manner of fevers, leeches, and snakes to meet
The first casualty is self reliance, its symbol of a hand in supinate mode
Always looking for a bigger government to lighten one’s load
Coupled with a sense of deserved entitlement that is next to impossible to sate
So quick to any politician seeking to restrain the growth of spending to berate
Harvey was a tragedy of Biblical proportions that to recover from will take years
But outside of the Swamp hope and unity already starting to appear
Texans and Cajuns didn’t want for the call
As flood waters starting covering homes, churches, businesses and malls
Anyone with a monster truck or a boat of shallow draft
Into the waters to save anyone in the waters drowning path
Thousands upon thousands of neighbors, family, strangers and friends
Put into trucks and boats and sent to safety so their lives would not come to an end
Texas may be an exception but helping out is hopefully the new national trend
It may have only one star but it when it comes to disaster is not alone
Tales of courage, compassion, reaching out to help in the flood ravaged zone
© September 4, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet                          
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