Thursday, August 31, 2017

Harvey's the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

The good, the bad, and the ugly but it’s not on the Clint Eastwood big screen
It’s real life in Houston, Beaumont and Port Arthur lands of flooded homes overflowing rivers and streams
The good is that it took very little time for boats manned by volunteers
In increasing numbers to aid neighbors, friends and strangers and friends start to appear
Texans who supported Trump most likely and whom Hillary branded as deplorables
Heading through the rising waters with devastation clearly described as horrible
Not seeking federal funds only answering the frantic calls of all hands on deck
As homes, businesses and dreams the wrath of Harvey’s rising waters continued to wreck
As humans to a person almost all of us would go without hesitation into harm’s way
To a save a dear friend or family member that rising waters would seek to slay
But the true test of humanity is when one goes into harm’s way to protect a total stranger
To somehow, someway overcome the raging waters to bring that person out of danger
In Texas we saw that time and time again, never a question of if, always only given the demands when
The bad of Harvey is the magnitude of the destruction and the time it will take for the waters to recede
The destruction of homes and businesses and the billions of dollars the victims to rebuild will need
The ugly is the mocking of rags like Politico and Charlie Hebdo with their cartoons
Implying the victims of Harvey are neo-Nazis or redneck Southern buffoons
The ugly is also the deaths that are believed to now stand at 37
Not riding in a boat to safety but oared by the Dark Boatman to the River Styx to heaven
That toll will rise but as of today no estimates of how many more will have met their demise
The ugly will also be the acts of those few whose looting, scams, and price gouging will come as no surprise
No matter how hard the people and government try to make the rebuilding go faster
A small number of victims and predators will not be saints in this truly historic disaster
But seeing the images of thousands of hard hit people coming together
Regardless of race, creed, political leanings or status we will this challenge weather
© August 31, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet                              
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