Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Epic Disaster And MSM And Left Jeremiad About Heels Huh

Houston has been hit for several days with record rainfall that blows one’s mind
According to a now fired Ken Storey because Texas voted for Trump explains why it is in such a bind
The optics coming out of Texas as Harvey delivered a Texas sized amount of grief
Show a people united as one trying to give each other some sense of relief
Like the Brits coming down the Thames heading for the Cliffs of Dover
In private boats  despite waiting shells and bombs to Dunkirk heading over
An army to be saved to fight again the Nazi horde
Pulling Tommy after Tommy from the beaches to be onboard
In Houston where streets became rivers, houses getting ready to float away and field became lakes
Hundreds upon hundreds of boats searching to prevent more deaths all hands of deck to do what it takes
It mattered not whether a drowning target was an Indy, Blue or Red
Volunteers trying at all costs to keep them in the land of the living and not dead
The waters kept rising it would not abate
Death by drowning is a terrible fate
Unlike the 500 New Orleans police officers who as Katrina hit became MIA
The Houston PD answered the call of “All hands on deck!” and one of its own was KIA
Working almost around the clock, drenched with little to drink or eat
Like their fellow citizens unwilling in the face of rising waters to admit defeat
Politics used to stop at this nation’s waters’ edges
Looked like the adage would apply as flood waters rose to window ledges
Melania Trump full of dignity and grace was wearing heels to Marine One to head to Andrews Air Force Base
Then the leftist “comics” and media outlets started to ridicule her and the politics of hate and bias again embrace
Led by Chelsea Handler who is not funny and for whom any sense of decorum has long since been erased
People flooded or blown out and will return to ruin and the media looks to heels-what a shameful disgrace
After touching down in Galveston Melania did the women professionals commuting reverse
Instead of sneakers to the office and then to heels from a large bag or purse
Walking down the stairs from Air Force One
Sneakers as the heels onboard she had shunned
Another jeremiad about much to do about nothing from the celebs and MSM
When will outpouring of bias and hatred of all things Trump be finally stemmed?
Floods or other disasters can bring out in people their very best

But not in the Handlers or Storeys of the world whose growing hatred of Trump they cannot arrest
© August 29, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet                              
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