Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Solar Eclipse 8.21.2017 Salem

Sol Sans Son Seulement Lumiere
In the U.S. it was billed as celestial century event
An Earth servient Moon seeking with shadows to the rays of the Sun prevent
For the first time in almost one hundred years
From the East to the West across this land
In a thick almost 100 mile wide band
Rays of the Sun would totally disappear
And outside that a decreasing reduction would appear
For those heading to the total disappearing zone
Only a fear that fog, rain or cloud cover would find a new home
Would this solar event be like the 100 dollar pay for view heavyweight fight
Be a weather first punch first round TKO despite all the pre bout hype?
Salem Airport may not be like Nova Scotia immortalized in a Carly Simon song
But today the private jets like a steady of spawning salmon were coming on strong
Dozens of viewers and cars filing the airport lot with eclipse glasses worn
Watching for over an hour in the early hours of a sunny morn
Starting from the one o’clock position chips of yellow turning black
A body puncher whose punches the Sun could not avoid or turn back
Slowly but surely the Moon’s shadows continued to prevail
The orb shrinking to a slimmer and slimmer crescent as the lunar shadows nailed
Finally the Sun was beaten into submission with only a corona as a vestigial trace
Dark skies and chilling temperatures now confronting a viewer’s face
For almost two minutes the shadows ruled but could not hold
Then almost in an instant shafts of visible rays of gold
Slowly but surely the shadows began to retreat
After tasting a brief victory once again the Moon shadows tasted total defeat
After an hour looking up into the skies a shrinking to lost Sun must have been only a bad dream
Save for the reality of those viewers returning on the 5 to Portland in a creeping stuck in traffic stream
Stuck in traffic for three hours is a bargain price to pay
To see live a total solar eclipse on display
© April 24, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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