Friday, August 11, 2017

Rice et al on N. Korean Nukes Throwing in Appeasement Towell

Politics used to end at our beaches and shores
Sadly, when it comes to the left that rule works no more
Wars are more likely when one nation believes on the issue of war the other is coming apart and not uniting
The NVA watching protests in the streets and colleges  refused to march to the table and  end the fighting
North Korea like the NVA has to be watching the rhetoric of the left raining down on Trump and his strong words dismissed
Emboldened by Blues and a few Reds in Congress railing against a preemptive first strike Kim thinks as a nuclear power he will continue to exist
Instead of all hands on deck to as one face this threat
Leftists like Susan Rice are saying the dumbest things yet
She thinks that we have to North Korea as a nuclear power accept
How quickly do the left the chaos of appeasement forget?
The only way to curtail an evil dictator is to have him believe that overwhelming against him is a safe bet
The more Kim believes that he is on keeping his arsenal home free
The more Iran will be emboldened and the more the Russian Bear
Will to feed his territorial pangs come growling out of his lair
If China does not step in not sure what options we have other than to nuke his missiles or to Kim kill
Followed by massive convoys of trucks laden with food heading from the South into the North Korean hills
© August 11, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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