Wednesday, August 16, 2017

WH Meltdown Agenda Lost?

This nation is violently coming apart at its seams
Lurching violently and surely away from the American Dream
Bipartisanship is dead and if not then on total life support
Attempts to seek and end gridlock keep coming up short
Through all the chaos and derision Trump continues his unfocused tweets
His agenda of jobs, tax cuts, infrastructure stall if not in full retreat
The Red tide that has swept a thousand Blues into the street
May be starting to ebb with hundreds soon in a flood tide back into lost seats
A golden moment to a nation try to heal after a riot over the removal of Robert E Lee
After a woman is killed by a neo Nazi on video for a shocked nation to see
A chance to mourn publicly for the injured and the one women dead
A chance to condemn the use of a car to counter protesters batter
Filing through the air like leaves in a strong wind to scatter
Two police officers on scene in a chopper and one woman dead
A time to mourn and time to condemn but what does Trump do instead
He points out that violence was present on both sides
Implying justification for this neo-Nazi to plow into the crowd in his deadly ride
The last two narcissists ran as unifiers a mantra to a nation and its people unite
Even as more and more of our people are intertwined in an increasing violent partisan fight
Narcissists with big egos and with extremely thin skins
Believe that any who disagree even slightly are guilty of a mortal sin
Lash out, demonize, trivialize, and ruthlessly demean
They cannot from attacking critics however slight wean
A missed opportunity to instill a sense of calm
Poison ivy of blame instead of a soothing, unifying balm
Robert E. Lee watching the emotions over a statue of bronze must be rolling in his grave
Appalled over the actions of the KKK and neo-Nazis and a rising partisanship violent wave
He was against the erection of Confederate monuments after the Civil War’s end
His legacy a great-great grandson Robert E. Lee V  supports the removal trend
Trump’s initial comments and then his later double down
An omen that for a second term he will not be around
 © August 16, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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