Thursday, August 17, 2017

Trump Agenda For More Focus

Poets deal in similes, metaphors, images and symbols
In the Charlottesville riot over a statue many come to mind
First the irony that Robert E. Lee on monuments was bitterly opposed
Would not unify the nation only fester the sores of war
If he were alive today he would shove the KKK and white supremacists out an open door
Opposed voting rights to former slaves fearing demagoguery due to illiteracy
Supported education of blacks as a means to their station in life improve
Second irony is that Gettysburg was the high water mark of the South
Limping back to Virginia for two more years of bloodshed in a war it could not win
With his remarks on the killing Trump is like Pickett of old
And continued control of Congress and a second term is his Little Round Top Hill
His Trump Agenda Flags holed and shredded
His fellow Reds and Business Councils starting to flee like rats from a sinking ship
Instead of control rods of focus to prevent a meltdown                      
 His control rods of tweets produce the exact opposite effect
Why in God’s name does he restraint and focus reject?
Almost like a scene from Richard III
Wandering on the battlefield of the Blues and MSM
Forlorn, defiant, dripping ego, armed only with a Twitter sword
“My agenda for a prompter”
No tax cut, no wall, no border secure
Only the sound of running wet feet
And the litter of agenda items scattered like leaves
© August 17, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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