Thursday, August 31, 2017

Comey Rule Conclusions First Questions Later

New allegations that Comey’s investigation was a complete sham with conclusions already set in stone
Even before questioning Hillary and other key witnesses Comey was writing his recommendations to any prosecution disown
Not a chance this spineless poster child of false integrity would step up to Hillary’s coronation to dethrone
Going through the motions never ever coming close to entering the prosecution zone
It now becomes apparent that Comey’s investigation by his beloved and vaunted FBI was a total scam
Lynch and Obama had sown the seeds of obstruction of justice for this “investigation”  sham
If Comey had followed normal protocol he would have waited until the investigation was complete and all emails overturned
Then and only then would it be time to confer with his team to draft recommendations based on what all had been learned
If one’s conclusions are already being finalized before the “investigation” is complete
The blindfold has been removed and the rule of law is in full and panicked retreat
I feel for the agents who in addition to putting their lives on the lines felt they were conducting a real investigation
When their boss James Comey was hell bent on giving Hillary a get out of jail card palliation
Pure speculation and for the FBI’s sake I hope I am mistaken and wrong
What if the message was clear that if Hillary won, Comey as FBI Director would continue to belong
I suspect that Mueller may have followed Comey’s footsteps driven to protect his dear friend
Pursuing a collusion that does not exist with an expanding investigation that never ends.
© August 31, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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