Saturday, August 5, 2017

Maxine Waters Clueless on Clueless View

In listening to Maxine Waters the image of the blind leading the blind comes into view
Another is those clueless interviewing those also without clues
Maxine Waters who is the running with Nancy Pelosi neck and neck
To be the most despised House Blue that Reds despise and reject
A guest on The View whose panelists are clueless on issues that affect those outside the Beltway
Waters had the podium to her treasonous urgings to without shame display
Leaks on Trump’s conversations with Mexico and Australia pleased her no end
As to classified material she hopd this would be an increasing trend
Waters is on a Quixote like crusade to Trump’s agenda to destroy
No matter the legality or appropriateness of the means she will employ
If America’s growth continues to lag
Or its people not safe it’s not her bag
As long as Trump is impeached or his agenda hobbled to one term
In her delusional mind she thinks the respect of this nation she will earn
She’s like an absentee plantation owner who has black sharecroppers on her land
She takes not a percentage of useful crops only 100 percent of their votes so any challenge she can withstand
When the vote harvest is completed, tallied and the election is done
Time to go back to her mansion outside the district deaf to their needs until the next run
What a pathetic creature is this Maxine
Pity for her residents as her insane hatred of Trump she cannot wean   
Listening to her rant makes this poet want to retch
Sadly, despite Sessions goal on leaks, prosecuting her for inciting would be a stretch
© August 5, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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