Saturday, August 5, 2017

535 Gang MIA Have Not Earned Recess

At the 2012 Republican Convention Clint Eastwood appeared on stage next to an empty chair
Optics that when it came to productive domestic and foreign policies Obama’s cupboard was bare
In today’s a photo of the empty Senate Pro Temp chair
A painful reminder that in a time of gridlock and tax cuts stall, our Senate is no longer there
People hearing news of ACA premiums going through the roof are in rightful anxious distress
But their pain moves the 535 Gang not one wit as they have gone to the August Recess
Leaving behind the shards of seven years of promises to the ACA to repeal and replace
Only one phrase to describe the Reds and that phrase is total disgrace
The 535 Gang and their staff are exempt from the ACA and feel no pain
Most of them without term limits as long as they can raise money will a long time reign
Six months into the term and not one dime has any tax has been cut
When the market and the economy believes that will not happen the door to three percent will be slammed shut
Worse the over four trillion in new wealth created by the Trump Rally will disappear
Slamming 401ks, public pension plans, university endowments something even the leftist Blues should fear
While the 535 Gang is blissfully sipping wine and munching on brie,
A tidal wave of national debt smashing through the ceiling is easy to foresee
Before the days of air conditioning the Swamp in August was a heat and humidity hell of Earth
No wonder the 535 Gang exercised their privilege and gave it a very wide berth
That excuse is over and the Gang is in irremissible mode of dereliction of duty or MIA
Before the internet, podcasts, tweets, Instagrams or Facebooks trips back to constituents for town halls one might justify
But typically the only people the Gang listens to are the donors and lobbyists with checks so the August recess we should deny
Should never have been allowed to leave with business undone and should return today
Like the German machine gunners at their guns in the ending days of World War One
Chain them to their desks until compromise on Obamacare, tax cuts, infrastructure and immigration gets done
No one in the private sector gets paid the full amount until the job is complete
Apply the same rule on the Gang and gridlock you will quickly defeat
Bring them back and keep them there until votes are taken by simple majority on the Trump agenda up or down
Then and only then do these elitists be allowed to leave on these excessive vacations from this Swamp town  
© August 5, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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