Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Waters Attacks Dershowitz As A Racist Huh?

At a time when leaders who can be labeled with the 11 letter C word are in short supply
There is no shortage of rabid Blue partisans who in delusion Trump’s win deny
Alan Dershowitz is no Trump supporter nor by any stretch of the imagination can he be viewed as a racist
As a lawyer he knows a grand jury consisting of Swamp residents means objectivity for Trump may not exist
Trump received 4 percent of the vote of the voters in the Swamp
This most likely will be a ham sandwich indictment stomp
But to Maxine Waters who is incapable of extending her hand across the aisle
She is too consumed with her hatred and rabid bile
Shoots off the racist card faster than bullets from a MG 42
For making an observation on the composition of the grand jury that is so true
He is obviously in her sick biased delusional mind a racist to his core
Like the villagers ignoring Peter rational people will her rantings ignore
I feel sorry for the voters of this absentee plantation owner who cares only for their votes so she stays in power
When after years of neglect and poverty in her district will their opinion of her finally sour?
In a rhetoric laced world which too often is over the top
I am ashamed that with Maxine my scorn of her does not stop
Instead of an 11 letter C word leader that we desperately need
We get a 4 letter C word leader who has long since gone to seed
© August 9, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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