Thursday, August 24, 2017

Three Strangers On A Starlite

A retired banker and a retired nurse and a man of few words
Sitting down for lunch over rails wondering what sunny skies could be assured
A poet going for a twofer on the solar lights out show
While for the retired couple his knowledge of the Great Land to bestow
Only on a train instead of cooped up in an uncaring plane
Sadly late into SLO so a dash for Thai, Cajun or Italian to be restrained
Pinching pennies in business class hoping to see Jack London on time
An upgrade to a sleeper and the winken, blinken and nod dreamy rhymes
Quicker to fly a fact no one at this distance could ever deny
In a world where time is precious and can never be regained a question is why
Traveling on two ribbons of steel a journey into the past
How long will long distance travel by train continue to last?
Billions upon billions in a rising tide of red ink
Without the federal dole Amtrak would into oblivion sink
Nothing like being awash in scenery while being forced to make new friends
A view that it is the travel not the destination that is the new vacation trend
Even for an 8 footer all the leg room would ever need
Though lacking 5 stars better than peanuts that airlines feed
If only Amtrak could carry freight
And not run the risk of being hours late
The federal purse could be closed, carbon footprint reduced
More people would be boarding to the romance of the rails to be seduced

© August 19, 2017 Michael P. Ridley the Alaskanpoet 

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