Friday, August 25, 2017

Blues and MSM Psychotically Play Mental Fitness Card

The Blue head dealer rigged the deck
Gave HRC all the super delegate aces and kings to Sanders reject
The cards she knew Hillary in the general would have to use she did not have to use
A foregone conclusion that whoever the Reds put up, that person would be doomed to lose
This was Hillary’s time to see the cracks in the glass ceiling appear
Without any doubt in her mind and in the mind of the MSM 2016 would be her year
A nomination won, the balloons cascading down despite the private server questions and the FBI “investigation”
A coronation awaited her even though her personality, untrustworthyness and unlikeability gave many severe case of indigestion
A funny thing happened on the campaign trail
Growing omens that her campaign or lack thereof would fail
Falling down in public TV view needing the Service to drag her into a van
Clear that she did not have the energy to the rigors of campaigning let alone problems facing this land
Rallies that had no fizz, no heart, and almost no one in the stands
While Trump’s rallies were like a cast of thousands movie from MGM Grand
The dealer dealt the gender card again and again only to bust
Then the racial card again and again on deaf ears as she had no trust
Dealer dealt the Clinton tarmac card that to his dismay was revealed
Comey to cover the FBI’s ass reopened the email “investigation” to her fate seal
No matter how fast the dealer dealt the hacks of the DNC and the drip of emails from her server blew them away
Despite the polls showing her way ahead the growing Trump crowds while she was MIA
A strong indication the election would not go her way
Sure enough no coronation only delusion on Election Day
Out of cards the dealer found a new deck with leaks and a bogus Russian collusion
While Hillary still in major denial retreated into seclusion
The MSM still in shell shock rallied and with a bias and anger that should shock
Went after Trump 24/7 while Schumer waged scorched Earth gridlock
Dealer dealt the Hillary won the popular vote so the Electoral College should switch
The recount card in key states was thrown into the ditch
Blues showing their hate and childish behavior boycotted Inauguration Day Parade
A campaign to the legitimacy of the Trump Presidency degrade
A few more racist cards as Trump was supposedly not quick enough or strong enough to condemn the alt right and KKK
Worse in desperation the card questioning his mental state of mind, his emotional fitness with no evidence was desperately tried to be put in play
Rhetoric and props and plays suggesting assassination totally over the top
We deserve better, the MSM and Blue know better, this has to stop!
The dealer is out of cards, there are no more decks to be found
Time for the witch hunt of Russian collusion to be unwound
Time for the war by the Blues and the Swamp Red against Trump to come to an end
Time to get tax cuts and reform to enhance the recovery trend
Trump will be soon on the stump to campaign to the people for an agenda that has been stalled
Repeal and replace ACA, tax cuts, infrastructure, repatriation of earnings and building the wall
Anyone up for election who continues to push the gridlock status quo
Will only reap a loss of office from the gridlock seeds they sow
 August 25,2017 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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