Friday, August 25, 2017

True Racism Is Chicago Shootings Not Travelor

Racism is this country for decades has been in steady retreat
But sadly all those efforts and bloodshed may go down in defeat
Not because of some perceived upsurge of neo Nazi and KKK appeal
No, the tendency to call ever act racist and gains will be repealed
Life Peter and the Wolf again and again will cause most Americans to stand down
Real acts of racism that we should not tolerate will still be alive and around
Case in point Traveler the horse at SC that gallops along the track since he is white
Promotes racism and should banned from the fans’ sight
Add to that his name is the same as Robert E. Lee’s horse
Clearly racism, no need for any further rational discourse
Have the scales tipped so far that real racism falls on deaf ears?
Ask Bob Lee, a Korean-American, because of his name could not at a UVA football game appear
What’s next the pulling of Coke ads with polar bears because they are white?
A banning of White Christmas by those who are caroling into the night?
True racism takes many forms but the most insidious is when Blues ignore blacks’ plight
Good only for votes, their problems remain in spades and the Blues disappear from sight
Look only to Chicago where blacks are caught in a deadly killing ground
While Rahm and his liberals in their wealthy communities are sucking down wine safe and sound.

© August 25, 2017 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet  

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