Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Unbalanced Forever Obama Budget

Obama and his minions are like an addict needing more drugs
Here the drugs are taxes and he wants to the taxpayers mug
Or an alcoholic that cannot stop at the first tax dollar drink
Moving to death or fiscal insanity’s brink
He is presenting a budget that on the deficit mirrors his "strategy" on the Islamic State
The national debt continues to expand as the deficits will never abate
Two trillion in new taxes but matched by more spending
No wonder the growth of the national debt is never ending
We all know we need to improve our roads, bridges and rails
But if we do not reduce the debt, any such projects will fail
One step to save funds would be to end the requirement of union pay rates
A thirty to forty percent saving of the cost would translate
Sadly among the feds efficiency and cost control are alien concepts
Pushed aside by the drive to spend like no tomorrow mindset
What Obama and his spending minions continue to overlook
To believe low interest rates will last forever is the creed of a schnook.
At 18 trillion a 100 basis increase in interest rates costs us 180 billion in interest costs
Any chance for needed spending on domestic or military programs lost
Whatever capital in the compromise bank Obama will dissipate
For his 4 trillion dollar has a certain DOA fate
© February 3, 2015 the Alaskanpoet
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