Thursday, February 5, 2015

Jordan Promises Revenge

In Islam you can behead, you can stone, but you evidently cannot burn
ISIS in burning a Jordanian pilot alive may have an Islam lesson to learn
This barbaric ideology that can only terrorize and kill
Crossed the line and may have ignited an Arab resistance will.
ISIS is like the pirates of old; they need to be killed on sight
Finally they may face the moderate Muslims who will fight
Burn a man alive and you forfeit any right to further live
Jordan’s King Abdullah on ISIS will not forgive
Whatever military aid they need we should give them a blank check
Time for Arabs like Jordan to the ISIS vermin totally reject
A coalition attacking solely from the air is doomed to fail
Muslim boots on the ground with U.S. boots we need to entail
Who in the Arab world will give this President even a modicum of trust
Too much cut and run; no wonder he is held in disgust
This is a moment in history thanks to the murder that we have a chance to seize
A chance to with Arab help on the ground lock ISIS into the dust bin of history and throw away the keys
If the leader of the free world blows it, maybe time to think outside the box
On how to rid the world of this barbaric pox
Even to the point of joining forces with Assad against the Islamic State
The enemy of my enemy can be my friend even if not a saint
© February 5, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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