Tuesday, February 3, 2015

ISIS Burns Alive Jordanian Pilot

Not since the days of the auto de fe in the worst days of the Inquisition excess
Have we witnessed such barbarism that the world needs to repress
The video of a Jordanian pilot not beheaded but burned alive
Should mobilize the Arab world to insure that these fanatics have no right to survive
The video, like the videos of the beheadings, should be shown throughout the Middle East
To raise the outrage and anger against this ISIS savage, barbaric beast
Islam to save its soul must declare a jihad against this Islamic State
Fatwas issued against all members of ISIS as apostates
Egypt and Saudi Arabia have more than enough troops to end this ISIS charade
If asked the U.S. in addition to air, logistics and intel should commit a brigade
The victims of ISIS have been mostly Muslims and it is time to eradicate this pest
Their barbaric attempt to form a caliphate the civilized world must arrest.
Waiting until a token force of the Free Syrian Army has been trained
By now even Obama must realize is a joke, a strategy totally insane
© February 3, 2015 the Alaskanpoet
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