Friday, February 20, 2015

Obama Is Like a Kid Who Won't Take No Seeks Stay

Obama when he controlled the Senate and the House for two years sat on his pen
The burning issue of immigration reform to it he did not tend
Probably too consumed with the need to do in his Peace Prize bask
Or cram Obamacare down the nation’s throat as his focused major task
Bad move politically as Pelosi as Speaker two years later was given the boot
And the seeds to four years later oust Reid took root
In a 2014 election that in Obama’s words was a referendum about him
The voters’ views of him and his Blues were very dim
He has big ears for his face but any sounds of rejection they block
He keeps trying to turn back the reality clock
With a porous border and a rising tide of illegal alien minors, felons, drug dealers and amongst them people seeking work
He grabbed his pen and his duties to defend the Constitution and enforce the laws he immediately shirked
Amnesty for over 5 million illegals but for those waiting in line to enter by the rules
He thumbed his nose, viewed them as chumps, degraded them as fools
Under the guise of prosecutorial discretion, to limit his action he felt no need.
DHS poised to issue social security cards, work permits as the legal necessity to go to Congress he would not heed
This President is like the proverbial moose who enters the House seeking a muffin
Then honey, jam, milk and on and on, til the Congress and the courts against him toughen
Fortunately a District Court not only said no but issued an injunction to stop DHS in its tracks
The word is that after years of inaction and a lack of a deportation line of 5 million, Obama is seeking a stay
History may be on his side; but a pox upon any president who refuses to let the rule of law get in his way
The law is not on his side and the stay this judge and later the appeal the 5th Circuit should reject
So the Senate will halt its filibuster on funding DHS with funding for amnesty changes it ejects.
First secure the border and like disarmament verify it is secure
To lessen the dangerous crossing attempts and to lessen the allure
Then the Reds, Blues and Obama, if he swallows his narcisstic pride, can take deep breaths and start the reform strides
Then expand the number of immigrants based on what the country needs and develop the path for illegals here who our laws and ideals of citizenship will abide
© February 20, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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