Wednesday, February 25, 2015

APS Paper On Safest Place In Zombie Outbeak--Kid You Not!

The American Physics Society has in the promotion of physics been in the forefront
Willing to the difficult issues facing science to with reasoned studies and papers confront
United in attempts to cuts in federal science research dollars blunt
Having so extolled this latest paper seems to be quite a stunt
The good news is that there appears to be a lack of a federal grant
The bad news is that discussion of serious issues it would seem to supplant
A report on climate change or the evils of nuclear waste and power?
No something not worthy of coming from Cornell's lofty ivory towers
The report to be delivered at the annual meeting has chosen a critical subject
Where to go in the event of a Zombie outbreak and it try to check
Makes one wonder and in dismay shake one’s head
Zombies are a figment of film and do not come back from the dead
The report’s conclusion is the highly populated East would be toast
Likewise California and most of the West Coast
Head to the Rockies ASAP is the report’s advice which is partially sound
Not enough people there to get bitten and quickly have the Zombies abound
Better advice would be to head to Alaska with its glaciers, mountains and Southeastern isles
With hearty residents sparsely populating its wilderness square miles

Zombies on glaciers could only slip and fall
Any attempt to catch more agile humans would completely stall 
Plus the Zombies can’t swim nor find warm weather gear
Our intrepid human survivors in Alaska would have little to fear
If perchance we would be blessed or cursed depending on your beliefs with a Zombie attack
A lot of liberal Blues especially in California and NYC would not be coming back.
© February 25, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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