Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Senior State Dempartment Man Stung Soliciting for Minors for Sex

Caveat emptor or buyer beware has been always sound advice to a buyer of services or goods
One should always kick the tires and look carefully at what is under the hood
In the internet world of dating or seeking to fulfill one’s need for lust
Even more so as there is little reason to have much trust
Photos may be fake, ages and weight suspect
Truth and honesty in the pursuit of pleasure to easy to reject
The news out today that Daniel Rosen a senior State Department employee tasked with fighting terror
Found to his horror that he has made a fatal, job security error
Going online soliciting not for a date or relationship but for a minor to engage in sex
The kind of behavior men of decency and honor and morals would completely reject
The “minor” was a female detective playing the amorous minor female role
Pretending to be looking forward to an encounter with this pervert’s love pole
Imagine Rosen’s surprise when panting in anticipation, he opened his front door
Know after all his online efforts on a minor he expected to score
Only to be cast in a reverse role in 50 Shades of Gray
Cuffed and then to jail being led away
If guilty he would be advised to a story concoct
Like being arrested for DUI as child molesters are despised in most cell blocks.
© February 25, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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