Monday, February 2, 2015

Obama The Brewmaster

Just when this poet believed that this administration is beyond salvation
With its lack of strategy in dealing with ISIS to lead this nation to its ruination
Crushed by over 18 trillion of debt and growing each day
When the Chinese stop buying our debt there will be fiscal hell to pay
We learned from a pregame interview with Guthrie from NBC of his brewing skills
Perhaps several cases in an olive branch of friendship should be sent up to the Hill
Obama in the past has avoided contacts with Blue colleagues and Reds
No wonder the art of compromise coming from him has long been pronounced dead
Compared to the O’Reilly interview before last year’s Super Bowl game
Guthrie’s questions were mostly fluff and very tame
The problem for the Reds with Obama is that he appears to be likeable to most
Likeability too often trumps the results of his policies and absence from his command post
But we now know why he misses his daily security briefings most of the time
Checking on his brew, wondering if he will expand to also making wine
Compromise over a pint of home brew would be a great start
A small step from the dysfunction to finally depart
© February 2, 2015 the Alaskanpoet
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