Friday, February 20, 2015

Suggest Strategy for Harf on ISIS As 3 Young Brits Head to ISIS

With all the intel of drones and satellites we are clueless of what is going on in a radicalized mind
We are trying to fight radical Islam, unnamed as such in the PC world,  in essence totally blind
Marie Harf figuratively needs a new prescription for her specs that will enable her to see more clearly
Lack of jobs as a root cause for jihadist radicalization is devoid of facts and floated out too cavalierly
Case in point three young girls from Britain are believed to have just taken a Turkey bound flight
Not to soak up the ancient  culture but to cross into Syria to join the ISIS fight
A Ms. Sultana and Begum and a third unnamed but all less than 17
We are clueless of what might prompted them to join the ISIS team
Lack of opportunity when all were students at  Bethnal Green Academy earning straight A’s to Harf’s statement confound
Bethnal was not a dead end public school in New York City but a school where  93 percent are university bound.
Their world was an opportunity waiting for them to explore not a world of despair and no jobs
And yet their opportunities under Sharia and its treatment of women will be quickly robbed
These girls like so many young men have been seduced with images of being heroes to their faith and acceptance by all
When in reality they are looking at maiming, death and watching any freedoms they now possess lined up and shot against the wall
We have had rebels without a cause even before portrayed by James Dean
But now more than ever we must figure out the emotional pitch from ISIS that we have to wean
Maybe it is a YouTube professional production “Your life under Sharia” showing its War on Women effects
The brutality of stoning, of honor killings, male domination and genital mutilation for a start and these women might ISIS reject
For boys it might be more difficult as under Sharia women they can dominate and so graphic images of ISIS fighters droned apart
Lying on the ground bleeding out in a field of fellow fighters' still moist body parts
Towns previously captured and now to increasing military presence lost
ISIS fighters stripped of their masks marching off to cages after on camera describing the cost
Images of these prisoners’ mothers, sisters and fathers wailing over their fate
Vowing not revenge but rather prayers to Allah that this jihad will soon abate
Images of mullahs urging them on to commit suicide or die in useless attack
Shifting then to scene of those mullahs drinking fine wine enjoying western pleasures behind their backs
And at the end mullahs and ayatollahs proclaiming in no uncertain words
That any belief that jihad opens the way to Paradise is absurd
We did this in World War II  with Capra’s seven films “Why We Fight”
With Avatar and Star Wars special effects powerful tools to in ISIS radicalization take out a fatal bite
While fighting on the social media front we need to convene a conference for what of a better term
To the nonsecular educational principles of Kemel Ataturk affirm
His revolution in Turkey crushing the Ottoman Empire also crushed the mullah’s theocracy education control
Madrasas are the fertile breeding ground for radical Islam and the radicalization of youths’ impressionable soul
A Marshal Plan for nonsecular schools in the Muslim world  at which jihad is not taught
The war against the radicalization of future teens and adults may then not go for naught.
This poets is not a psychiatrist, a theologian or a psychologist and to some extent admits Harf was partially right
We can’t kill our way to victory but if we identify radical Islam we might figure out while we keep killing and capturing the means to create the emotional and educational  tools we need to win the fight.  
© February 20, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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