Sunday, February 1, 2015

Boko Haram On Offensive In Nigeria

While the world rightfully focuses on ISIS and Al Qaeda and their barbarism on display
Another group is racking up large numbers of innocents to slay
Boko Haram has not faded away despite the hashtag offensive mounted by the U.S.
Far from it and Northern Nigeria is being placed under major duress
Whereas Syria is a bit player in  crude oil production
Nigeria produces 2.5 million barrels a day that is subject to Boko Haram reduction
In Nigeria an Iraq deju vu as to its army but without lavish U.S. training and arms
We should be sounding general quarters and raising the alarm
But no; we can send troops, some of our elite
To try in Africa to Ebola contain and defeat
But here in Nigeria we are MIA from the front, the side or behind
As Nigeria’s ill-equipped army may against Boko Haram begin to unwind
But here a ray of hope that the Middle East completely lacks
The Africa Union has authorized the formation of multinational troops to Boko Haram attack
No dithering like Obama but  an urgency sense
7.500 troops not armed civilians to go on the offense
Radical Islam is becoming more and more like the Wham-0 game
A faction pops up, we react and another faction pops up in its part of the world to inflame
The world is in a clash of ideologies against radical Islam  to the death
Without a strategy to contain and destroy we are like diver seeking the deep ocean floor while  holding his breath.
Without a strategy how do we know what forces and money we will need?
Cannot have a strategy with a President that is either incapable or does not want to lead
 © February 1, 2015 the Alaskanpoet
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