Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Kerry Says We Are Winning Are You Kidding?

We are winning the war on ISIS is the claim of John Kerry
Anyone who believes that boast believes in Flat Earth and the tooth fairy
ISIS is but a symptom of the Radical Islam disease
Like Al Qaeda, Taliban, or Boko Haram that Radical Islam has seized
We have no strategy to contain other than pathetic air strikes
And sleep walking heavy arms to the Kurds to help them win their fight
While all the while describing the foe in ways political correct
As the President reminds us of our sins of the Crusaders we project
The likes of Susan Rice, the it’s a video queen,
Calls for “patience” to this nonexistentialist threat while micro managing behind the scenes
Sadly another innocent Kayla Mueller has met her end
Kidnapped and held by ISIS while in humanitarian relief—when will this depravity end?
Jordan to its credit has stepped up its air strikes and on the border its troops massed
In this struggle vowing to fight on to the last bullet, to the last drop of gas
U.A.E. has returned to wage sorties from the air
But still no strategy from D.C. to with the people share
No wonder our military command seems in deep despair
Our cupboard of leadership from the White House is bare
Just when there was a thought it was safe to go into the water in the Middle East
News of an arms and nuclear power deal of Egypt with the Russian ursine beast
Scary world and getting more so each and every day
Our lack of leadership will not contain and destroy the forces of evil on display
© February 10, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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