Thursday, February 19, 2015

Summit Ends As We Telegraph Mosul Upcoming Attack

The freshmen security advisors of team Obama must have been in a complete daze
Announcing to save the failed summit on extreme terrorists that in April the Iraqis are into an attack phase
Basic military leadership, strategy and tactics 101
You don’t announce in advance where and when an attack will have begun
Nor do you tell ISIS how many troops you will commit or the axis of the attack
An enemy forewarned will make it harder to get Mosul back
Did the Japanese tell us they en route to Pearl Harbor were on the way?
No radio silence and the charade of diplomacy they put on display
Did we inform the Germans where and when we would land on Normandy’s beaches?
No Operation Fortitude convinced the Germans the Pas de Calais was where at the Atlantic Wall we would breach
Did the Germans inform us when and where the Battle of the Bulge would commence?
No, total secrecy, total radio silence in a quiet sector leading to total surprise when they poured through our lines of defense
Did the Soviets give warning of Operation Bagration that broke the Wehrmacht’s back?
No, the Germans had not an inkling of where and when they were soon to be under attack.
Generals do not telegraph their plans and go to great length to their intentions disguise
So when Obama announced the planned retaking of Mosul, it came to many as a great surprise
Since the summit was all talk, all social outreach and job growth goals but no military plans
He must have needed an announcement of a future operation as his grandstand
I misspoke--the security advisers that surround this president are not the freshmen team
Better described as Pop Warner or T-ball; it is enough to make most Americans scream.
© February 19, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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