Sunday, February 1, 2015

Women Open Mosque In LA

If one reads the history of terror, one conclusion is fairly clear

You cannot win the war with massive repression and deadly fear

For every terrorist killed you may create more from his or her family and friends

For every nonterrorist  killed or abused collaterally for certain you really add to the rising number trends

You cannot kill an ideology by droning its leaders wherever they may be found

You need human intel which means eyes and ears on the ground

But you can change an ideology by assimilation of its members into the whole

Look how the Romans did it or the Chinese with the Mongols

That is why the news in L.A. is so worthy of note

And offers a chance to bring radical Islam into the civilized boat

Two Muslim women opened their own Mosque where women could lead the prayers

No side entrance, so all men and women together could to the peace of their God Allah share

The War on Women is even here has been tough to defeat and it has taken many years

Right to vote and be elected, equal pay, the glass ceiling to crack and then slowly disappear

There may be further battles but they will be won

Women and men together hand in hand to enjoy the warmth of an equal sun
This War on Women exists in Islam lands where a woman is a human second class
Good only to strap on a suicide vest and kill many infidels or apostates in a bomb blast
It will be hard in the land of the feudal sun
To the repression of women finally shun
Opening a mosque by women is a great first step for Islam’s misogynist foundations shed
Knowing the ability of women to compromise and violence abhor the Jihadists should dread
A woman leading in prayers preaching the fatwa or jihad will be extremely, extremely rare
No the message will be more of the garb of equality, peace, love, tolerance and respect for all to wear
This female mosque could be the first ripples of a modern Lysistrata on the jihadist pond
The best chance to bury this fanatical, barbaric jihadist ideology in Forest Lawn
So when it comes to jihadists seeking a warm refuge in their beds at night
All Muslim women should say No!, No! and close their legs very, very tight
“Abdul there are no virgins waiting for you martyrs and for you the gates to Paradise are eternally locked
Here on earth any chance while remaining a jihadist with me or any woman shall be forever blocked.”
© February 1, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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