Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Suggested Strategy Against ISIS

As Christians there is a thought to turn the other cheek
But not now, not never when terrorists the destruction of our way of life seek
Kayla Mueller whose faith was a beacon for her goals  
Only wanted to bring hope and love to impoverished souls
Yet she was seized by ISIS and then died
ISIS a band of savages that the rules of humanity no longer abides
ISIS and the rest of the Radical Islamic mob
Are trying to the world’s civilized values rob
How can any Hindu, Muslim, atheist, agnostic, or Buddhist allow these vermin to continue to exist?
It is time for the civilized world to these fanatics resist
Any ideology that beheads civilians and burns a prisoner alive
Cannot if we are to remain human be allowed to survive
Maybe we have already lost our humanity if beheadings and a burning have become jihadist recruiting tools
How can we show these wanna-be martyrs that they are misguided fools?
We can continue to drone the fighters; but how the flow of new fighters to stem?
How about side by side videos of beheadings with mullahs there to condemn?
Mullahs proclaiming that to these barbarians the gates to Paradise are locked?
Strip away the false promises these idiots have managed to concoct
Marketing 101 on the social media anti terrorist scene
Show the ISIS fighters bleaching in the Sun and attraction one might wean
Show the mothers of the misguided adherents to the ISIS cause
Wailing over the deaths of their sons from American shock and awe
Show the refugees' plight and the efforts of the Kaylas of the world  to allay
Show the gratitude of the suffering who with her help made it through another day
Better yet interview on social media the young women who these fighters choose to reject
In favor of those staying home not fighting as a lover they would rather select.
We still need military force to alter this barbaric course
But we also need to enter the social media wars with mind winning YouTubes and discourse
Abdullah II has thrown down the gauntlet to the last drop of fuel and the last bullet round
Time for us to finally form a strategy to turn this disaster facing us around
© February 11, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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