Monday, February 16, 2015

21 Beheadings While Obama Again Golfs

We have in Obama the reincarnation of the Roman Emperor Nero
Whose understanding of the foreign threats facing us stand at below zero
Without a fiddle, without a clue, without a plan
Only a putter in his hand
21 Egyptian Coptic Christians were just beheaded in the Libyan sands
Egypt launches air strikes while asking the U.S. to lend a helping hand
Our commander in chief once again is nowhere to be seen
Save asking his caddy on what club to use to be able to reach the green
The Middle East is going up in flames; a déjà vu Khe Sahn in Iraq potentially awaits
The growth of ISIS and radical Islam will not seem to abate
Obama cannot even say the radical Islam words
How stupid can he be, how totally absurd
Wish he would look now at his Mandela selfie Danish mate
Look at how she reacted to a jihadist killing in her nation state
Our leader of the free world has no time to confront this “jayvee” team
But plenty of time to stick his tongue out at a Buzz Feed selfie screen
He has on the world scene become a complete utter joke
American leadership under his watch completely broke
We used to have men who believed in the dignity of the Presidential desk
Now we have a clown better suited for a bit role in burlesque
Michelle said on Obama’s election she was finally proud to an American be
Watching this clueless, feckless President, this poet feels that this nation is like a person facing a hurricane and trying to into it take a pee.
 © February 16, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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