Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sapp A Sap For A Prostitute

If you were a pro quarterback from 95 to 07 looking at Warren Sapp
More likely than not you would like to delay the snap
 Six foot six tall 300 pounds of sheer defensive terror
If not blocked or slowed down call for the stretcher-bearer
Almost impossible to with one man block
After being hit by him most runners would be in shell shock
But like many warriors on the pro football field
To certain improper behaviors he would yield
Bankruptcy and failure to pay child support
Now a promising post playing broadcasting career comes up short
His little brain was in full form at Super Bowl 49
Soliciting a prostitute an act most rational men would decline
Arrested after the Super Bowl due to a prostitute’s battering complaint
Once again another sad case of a man's little brain showing no restraint
With the NFL needing to protect its image, the response was swift
Sapp’s broadcasting career was given a short shrift
A Hall of Famer now out of a job
A promising career in a moment of indiscretion quickly robbed.
© February 3, 2015  the Alaskanpoet
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