Thursday, February 19, 2015

CRE Outbreak At UCLA Med Center And Virginia Mason

We may as humans be at the top of the food chain
Blessed with extremely efficient and cognitive brains
Able to over the environment to alter and mold
Air condition our buildings against the heat and warm against the cold
But with all our feats
We may be heading for a major defeat
A human generation comes around roughly every 20 years
Hundreds of generations needed to mutate with enhanced survival gear
The lowly bacteria that this planet and our bodies infest
Are subdividing in just days to adapt to environmental tests
News of a new antibiotic like Penicillin first introduced in 42 as the miracle bacteria killing drug
Promised to forever bacterial killers like strep fatally mug
But the law genetic mutation meant there would soon come a day
When bacteria became resistant and the drugs would no longer slay.
News out of UCLA  Med Center and Seattle’s Virginia Mason is that of a frightening fatal trend
Patients being exposed CRE super bugs with a high percentage of making the patients’ lives come to an early end
Drug resistant to even the latest antibiotic bug killers
If going to a hospital makes one head first to a favorite brewer or distiller.
Another super bug scourge
Becoming more and more difficult to from our bodies purge
© February 19, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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