Friday, February 13, 2015

Erdogan's War On The Press And Secular Education

In Turkey if you tweet to complain about an investigation of Erdogan's corruption being dropped
You will have police pounding on your door, demanding you stop
Even if you are a well known journalist member of Turkey’s press
So much for the idea that Turkey’s NATO membership would Erdogan’s corruption suppress
Erdogan has in essence declared a war on social media, a war on Twitter
Being accused of corruption will make a corrupt president very bitter
Especially when tweets include calls from him to his son to hide millions of dollars
Corruption 101 is pretty basic—if you want to get away with it you must the free press collar
What is going on in Turkey has a familiar déjà vu ring and lessons not learned
Billions of U.S. economic and military aid to Turkey with little save in Korean War a decent  return
Erdogan is trying move Turkey away from Ataturk’s secular education goals
Seeking under the euphemism "pious generation" to Islamatize education’s soul
When ISIS was pounding Kobani on Turkey’s border putting Kurds in panic stricken flight
While its military aid tanks stood passive and may have deterred Turkish Kurds from entering the fight 
Let us hope we do not wake up one day with another blindside unforeseen
In Turkey another Sharia theocracy ruling the political scene.
© February 13, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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