Monday, February 23, 2015

From Funk Zone To Wet Zone Santa Barbara's Desalinization Plant

Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink
Santa Barbara is on a Stage III drought brink
Lawns dead, pools empty,  flowers wilt
At least a desalinization plant already built
In a modern day rain dance when the plant was fired up
The skies opened and from the clouds a monsoon did erupt
For 16 years sitting idle in the Funk Zone
With Santa Barbara now dry with the next rain unknown
Time to spend 40 million for the plant to restart
Set Santa Barbara from the rest of the drought a city apart
Before the residents get ready to fill their pools and water their lawns
If the Coastal Commission does not approve, the chance for water is long gone
Probably more carbon from the plant to be released into the air
With the eco-Greens infecting California,  such an act would not square
But if the ocean waters are in fact beginning to rise
Here is a way to meet that unwelcome surprise
Build along our coasts desalinization plants powered by nuclear power
Create lakes on land of fresh water so never again are we at the whims of Mother Nature’s lack of showers
 © February 23, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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