Monday, October 9, 2023

When Does Our Arms Cupboard and Patience Run Bare?


Prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor causing us to enter World War II with the Lend Lease Act
We were supplying arms to Britain and the Commonwealth to fend off the Axis attacks
When Hitler in a moment of insanity made good on the Pact of Steel
Declared war on us even as the Soviets were in front of Moscow preparing a major setback to the Wehrmacht deal
We ramped up to become the arsenal of democracy and for the Soviets military aid in the  fight for their lives
But for American troops and American arms those nations opposing Germany, Japan and Italy would have been hard pressed to survive
We are today with our NATO allies providing arms to Ukraine
Without which its ability to resist and regain land would go down the drain
In the Pacific China seems emboldened to invade Taiwan
Another nation that will need American arms to draw upon
And now a third war has erupted in Israel invaded by Hamas terrorists and rockets coming their way
With Hezbollah with its thousands more sophisticated rockets to join in the fray
With Israel slogging street by street house by house to Hamas kill
And incurring a steady increasing butchers’ bill
Another front to have to meet
Overstretching its army to avoid defeat
To do something in prior wars they have never done
Ask for boots in addition to tanks, artillery, missiles and all manner of deadly guns
The American people are already developing a healthy distaste for more support for Ukraine
Playing into Putin’s hands that over time American support for if will surely wane
Without a defense budget and living hand to mouth on CR’s
Our arms cupboard is approaching too depleted levels to be the arsenal star
Deterring China, pushing Putin to the negotiating table and insuring Israel has what it needs to with Hamas and Hezbollah cope
Is going to be a real challenge that our president does not have the skill and energy to walk the necessary tightrope

© 10/9/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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