Tuesday, October 3, 2023

The Gloves In Dealing With the Blues May Be Coming Off But on November Another Shutdown Crisis


The Speaker Pro Tempore in one of his first acts
Has told Nancy Pelosi from her private office it’s time to pack
After the Red Speaker dog was wagged by the minority Gang of 8’s tail
To insure that in trying to retain his Speakership McCarthy would fail
With a solid block of Blues that voted with the Gang of 8
First time in its history a Speaker of the House has met a removal fate
With the Freedom Caucus unwilling to compromise with its fellow Reds
Any candidate to be Speaker would have to have the patience of Job to fill in McCarthy’s stead
On November 17 we will be facing another potential shutdown mess
And once again Americans will be enduring way too much stress
Difficult to see how a budget can be crafted when cuts in spending the Blues will not consent
And any increases in spending the Freedom Caucus emboldened by the Gang of 8 will try to prevent
Gridlock leading to a feared shutdown of the federal government
Total failure by the leaders whom by the voters were to Washington, D.C. sent
To share the voters' increasing pain
That the leaders ignore despite how loud we complain
No budget no pay for members of Congress and their staff
Topped off by escalating fines starting at least $5000 daily if a budget they fail to craft
And as icing on the force Congress to do its job cake
For each day no budget an additional week a lobbyist’s job they cannot take.

©  10/3/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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