Tuesday, October 17, 2023

McCarthy Voting Marathon Voting Deja Vu-Landslide Coming Against Red?


The full House is voting for a Speaker to elect
With 12 Reds voting “no” It looks like Jordan they will reject
Sadly we are suffering a McCarthy voting déjà vu
Once again Reds as the Keystone Cops we must view
When Reds refuse to unite we have the idiocy of the clowns
Americans are not laughing only seething facing another shutdown
Have not seen who the 12 are
Only hope that Gaetz is not once again their star
Hakeem and his solid Blue voting block
Must be jumping for joy as once again dysfunction to the House shocks
And Trump despite his growing legal baggage has a growing lead
Dislike for him among Indies will mean Biden’s age and impairment they won’t heed
Trump is warning us this is the most important election ever
If Biden is not defeated the growing challenges we face we will not be able to weather
Although he is spot on right
His narcissism and ego won’t let him leave the fight
Unless the gang of Reds drop their my way or the highway
Landslide against them on Election Day
With Biden in to appoint SCOTUS Justices of liberal bent
This nation and its cherished traditions and freedoms will be down the drain sent.

© 10/18/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


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