Monday, October 2, 2023

Mace Slammed on Her Abortion Opposition to Blues Abortion on Demand Platform


When it comes to the debate on abortion complete accurate data is not there
What data exists would suggest that abortion in the third semester is very rare
In 2020 of the 630,000 abortions those in the third trimester of the total were 1 %
Not a huge percentage but over 6,000 potential babies lost the chance to the nursery  be sent
Rep Mace was brave enough to appear on The View leftist’s lion den
Must have known her being attacked by the likes of Goldberg not a question of if only when
Goldberg slammed her position on abortion claiming no doctor would perform one in month nine
Ignoring the fact that some 6300 were performed in the period as the third trimester defined
Unless the fetus in the third trimester has abnormalities that will mean death shortly after from the womb it appears
That fetus is viable and abortion is more and more like infanticide as the birth date closer nears
If the abortion rate among viable fetuses is so rare
And allowed at any time to the mother’s life spare
We have to wonder why for the Blues abortion on demand sends them into a one issue frenzied state
Killing any chance on this too divisive issue to have any meaningful and unifying debate
With the slogan “Women have the right to control their bodies” to the issue spin
Conceal the failure of Blues on inflation, crime and open border to be able to win

© October 2, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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