Monday, October 23, 2023

Mayor Bowser of the Swamp Trying to Pivot to Support Police and Be Tough on Crime


Watch the Blue dominoes on crime start to fall
As they can see the November writing on the wall
Our urban areas are awash in violent crime
No longer in poor neighborhoods confined
Color on color shootings for many years were the normal risks of life
But not as smash and grabs in upscale areas became rife
Armed carjackings in broad daylight of persons foolish enough to be on the streets
Gun sales and concealed permits for men and women off the charts in case a felon one meets
The chickens of defund the police are coming home to roost
Early retirements, resignations and lack of political support crippling efforts to numbers boost
Finally Blue Mayor Bowser no longer oblivious to common sense
No longer on the defund the police, soft on crime fence
Rolling out the ACT Now Act
As first step to take the streets back
Allowing cops to declare no drug zones for 120 hours
To gut open space drug markets selling power
Making it a crime to organize smash and grabs
Enable cops to easier seeing a criminal chase and nab
Illegal to wear a mask while a crime wanting to commit
Not sure if act raises salaries so officers don’t quit
Time to Black Lives Matter into the trash
The culture of Blue Lives Matter no longer bash
One Blue Mayor finally seeing the light
Hopefully a tidal wave of Blues trying to keep their jobs on Election Night.

© 10/23/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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