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October 5, 2023 Ridley's Believe It Or Not


              On the international day of nonviolence, October 2, 2023, poet and social activist for good Ryan Carson was stabbed to death in full view of surveillance cameras with his girlfriend waiting for a bus and fortunately the suspect on camera 18 year old Brian Downing has been arrested for murder. What an absolute waste and what a total failure of parenting is involved.
              On the 4th day of Trump’s trial for overstating his financial assets brought by “Trump’s an illegitimate president Leticia James” Trump’s defense team played clips of her campaigning on that bogus charger while Judge Eragon has order Trump and his associates to compile a list of all assets and banned any transfers or assets without prior notice to former Federal Judge Barbara Jones who is monitoring Trump’s businesses. Trump’s team has also filed motions to dismiss the January 6 obstruction of the election results.
              On the Matt Gaetz as the prime minister of the Grand Duchy of Renwick front, the mouse that roared with 7 mice puppets and toppled a Speaker backed by all but eight of the majority party now says he is amenable to rules changes on the vacating the speaker process and to all surprise said he would support either Jordan or Scalise (Jordan is so valuable as Chairman of the Judicial Committee it might be a big blow if he were to become Speaker unless his number 2 is up to the task).
             On the Woke Transgender front, finally some sanity in the idiocy of students not being required to use the bathroom of the sex on their birth certificate shown by the  Pennsylvania's Perkiomen Valley School District which after outrages students not happy with the idea of girls sharing bathrooms with TG’s with all their male tools reversed that policy and now require it’s not your gender you feel but the one on your birth certificate that determines what toilet you must use.
            On air travel front from Bangkok to Taipei, all airlines like slogans to the passengers entice so here is one for Viet Jet Air—“Noah’s Ark Jet” as in the main cabin an otter and albino rat were running loose and in baggage below mixed with the luggage on landing in Taipei— a box containing 28 live turtles, a snake, one marmot, two otters and two other rodents of unknown species.
            On the pro football a middle linebacker Dick Butkus much by offensive running backs feared for his 8 playing years has finally met a runner of old age he could not tackle to stop at 80 in dreams of past glory old age ran over Dick Butkus and left him lying there dead.
             On the open southern border another state is doing what the federal government with its past lies of the border is secure is complete MIA and stepping to the plate, Alabama is sending 275 Alabama National Guardsman to the Texas border.
              On the transgenders in women’s sports where they do not belong, the women’s swim team when informed that a male transgender would be joining the team, the women in a show of unity stood their crowd and stated the transgender did not belong on the team and the university if it persisted would have a swim team of one person and the transgender did the right thing and resigned from the team.
             On the education front the Missouri teacher Brianna Coppage who was put on administrative leave after her school district discovered she had and Only Fans account and wanting to pursue a career in pornography in order to spare the students any controversy took the high road and resigned.
              On the presidential front look the tension continues to grow to see if RFK, Jr. will announce his third party candidacy which would be sweet revenge for the DNC that moved Hell and high water to sabotage his campaign against Biden and almost certainly insure a Red win in 2024.                                        October 5,  2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet 
              Noted Holidays: World Teachers’ Day, created UNESCO and celebrated on the 5th of September since 1994 to promote awareness of the important role teachers play in educating our children and preparing them to cope with life’s  struggles once they leave school.
              Word of the Day: The word of the day as we end the word of the day starting with “a” to move to words starting with “b” “balbutient”  which means stammering, a speech defect that too often results in ridicule to the persons plagued by stammering.
              Song of the Day: The number 1 song on this day in 1971 was “Maggie May” by Rod Stewart on a run of 5 weeks to share number 1 status with 18 other songs achieving number 1 ranking while 16 acts, including Rod Stewart and Janis Joplin to be so reward posthumously, achieved number one status for the first time.  Here is a music video with lyrics of Rod Stewart  performing  “Maggie May:
              October 5 Birthdays: “Great Hands With Pattern So Swift?”—Travis Kelce, noted tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs,  born in Westlake, Ohio on this day in 1989 to become one of the best tight ends in the history in football and the go to target for Patrick Mahone. Now most recently rumored to be in pass patterns with Taylor Swift.
               October 5 Historical Events in Rhyme
              1.      On this day in 1988 in a plebiscite/56% of Chile’s voters denied Augusto Pinochet a presidential 8 year continuation right/Pinochet’s reign was a reign where opponents disappeared/Over a million Chileans fled to escape the disappearing fear/Indicted on violations of human rights but released/Never spent a day in prison before at 91 his heart ceased.
              2.      On this day in Chicago in 1982 in a chilling look into the future at deaths we would face/31 million Tylenol bottles were recalled due to 7 deaths due to cyanide the pills were laced/Despite a massive FBI search for the lacers sought/ No one who laced the bottles has ever been caught/Sadly today with fentanyl we face a déjà vu/illegal and prescription drugs laced with deadlier fentanyl as overdoses grew.
              3.      On this day in 1970 the Public Broadcasting System was founded/For the purpose of bringing commercial free programing to viewers astound/ Educational programing that would not have commercial support/To programs like Sesame Street to watch Big Bird with other puppets comport/Now under some complaints the programs have a liberal slant/Now often the targets of conservative rants.
              4.      On this day in 1962 the first James Bond movie by the works of Ian Fleming inspired/Dr. No starring Sean Connery and Ursula Andress as the first Bond Girl was released in Britain to start 26 sequels  that the public would never tire/ Even though Bond played by Craig expired in No Time to Die/ Fans should not be surprised that the producers with a new Bond flic with a new James Bond will to the theaters soon supply.
              5.      On this day in 1947 to prove a video is worth 1000 words on the radio or in print President Harry S. Truman made from the Oval Office the first address/With a devastated Europe suffering from destruction and food shortages distress/To urge that American conserve food to eat a little less/ So the food challenged Europeans would have some more calories to ingest.
             Quote on James Bond Movies by Grant Imahara, noted American electrical engineer and roboticist whose work has been featured in such film series as Star Wars, Jurassic Part, Matrix and Terminator:When I was a kid, I never wanted to be James Bond. I wanted to be Q, because he was the guy who made all the gadgets. I guess you could say that engineering came naturally.

© October 5, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet
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