Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Gaetz and the Red Mice Must Either Put Up a Candidate Acceptable to Red Majority or End Charade and Vote For Jordan


If you are going to replace a Speaker an overwhelming majority of your party backs
It is the height of folly to a candidate acceptable to that majority lack
Gaetz and the mice who voted with him to send McCarthy packing
On the need to have an acceptable replacement totally lacking
Like the spoiled brat who brought the only ball and bat to the game play
Upset that he was not picked for the team he desired so he went away
Leaving the kids frustrated without the tools to play the fame
The spoiled brat oblivious to the well-deserved shame
But the House save on the Annual Congressional Baseball game
Is not a game but the serious business of solving issues its voters want to tame
And its members are not to be like spoiled brats but adults in the room
To rise above their imagined petty slights unite to save the nation from doom
The mice should reveal who as Speaker they would accept
If the ballots show compared to Jordan a majority he or she does not collect
Then they table their objections and come on board to Jordan elect
To start passing bills that will cause voters in ‘24 to Biden and Blues down ballot reject
Red and Indie voters’ patience on this charade is wearing very thin
If mice don’t back the majority Red candidate they and the party will be tossed in the electoral trash bin!

© 10/18/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet
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