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October 6, 2023 Ridley's Believe It Or Not


                On the aping North Korea “brainwashing front” HRC in another failing attempt to be relevant on CNN was pushing for the “ formal deprograming” of Trump supporters and is rightfully being castigated and ridiculed by conservatives but probably praised by leftists who admire authoritarians like Stalin.
              On the Trump fraud trial in New York  front as the trial ended its first week, Trump was unsuccessful in his motions to delay the trial but was successful in staying the Judge’s orders revoking his various organizations’ certificates to conduct business in the state.
             On the race to name a new Speaker of the House due to Gaetz’s one man motion to vacate, and supported by 7 other Reds and all Blues, Trump has endorsed Jim Jordan for the post which must be filled quickly if the House as any chance of avoiding pending shutdown. McCarthy has made it clear he is running for reelection.
             On the how to be a scumbag father, it has been revealed that Hunter Biden drained his daughter’s college fund account of $20,000 for hookers and drugs down to $.47.
             On the Biden reelection front, Bill Maher who has castigated Biden for being too old and challenged for another 4 years is now blasting him for agreeing to waive 26 federal laws and regulations to build a measly 20 miles of border wall in Texas to renege on a campaign promised not to spend another dime on wall construction (20 miles is a drop in the bucket and will not deter illegals who have already walked over a 1000 miles to get to the border to hike another 20 miles to cross where the new wall addition ends).
             On Girl Scout Cookie sales front, the extremely popular Red Raspberry cookie is being discontinued after one year to the countless numbers of those who bought them last year and were looking to replicate the process this year. 
             On the Nobel Peace Prize front Iranian activist Nages Mohammadi who has been jailed 5 times by Iranian authorities has been named the 2023 Nobel Peace Prize winner but will not be able to accept it in person as she is currently in prison.
              October 6,  2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet 
              Noted Holidays: World Cerebral Palsy Day, cofounded on this day in 2012 by the Cerebral Palsy Alliance (Australia) and the United Cerebral Palsy  to raise awareness of this childhood affliction  of the brain that impairs motor functions and to raise money for cure and treatment modalities.
              Word of the Day: The word of the day as we end the word of the day starting with “a” to move to words starting with “b” “balderdash”  which means nonsense or a jumble of words which describes to a tee the Word Salad Queen’s preferred method of speaking.
              Song of the Day: The number 1 song on this day in 1970 was “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Dianna Ross on a run of 3 weeks to share number 1 status with 19 other songs achieving number 1 ranking while 20 acts, including Dinna Ross,, achieved number one status for the first time.  Here is a recording of Dianna Ross  performing  “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough:
              October 6 Birthdays: “If You Die Too Early RIP But Have a Law Named After You”—Jessica Lundsford, a 9 year old girl who was kidnapped, raped twice and then buried alive by John Couey in Homosassa, Florida,  born in Gastonia, North Carolina in 1995. Couey was quickly arrested, convicted and sentenced to death, only to die in prison while his death sentence was being appealed in 2009 from natural causes. Outrage over her kidnapping, rapes and murder by a convicted child molester and serial burglar resulted in the passage of Jessica’s Law in Florida mandating a minimum of 25 years to a maximum of  life for first time child rapists and severe restrictions like electronic tracking for paroled sex offenders, the formation of Stop Child Predators and the passage of versions of Jessica’s Law in 46 states, although in leftist Massachusetts it is so constrained that it has been used in only  3 cases despite numerous cases where sexual abuse of children occurred.
             October 6 Historical Events in Rhyme
             1.      On this day in 2018 Brent Kavanaugh’s appointment to SCOTUS was confirmed/After at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing allegations of sexual misconduct Senator Feinstein sat on it for weeks until a leak to the press in September did we learn/To turn the process into a circus with Hirono’s “Women have a right to be heard but they must be believed” cracking the whip/As disgraced soon to be disbarred and a felon Avenatti pushing false witnesses that had on the truth lost their grip/The left jumped on the decades old accusations hook line and sinker/Tossing any objectivity in judicial lynching attempt of a well-respected family man, nonmisogynist and judicial thinker.
              2.      On this day in 2010 after earlier deciding their check product was too similar to Four Square/Instagram pivoted from check in to photos and videos to online share/Instagram released Instagram iOS app to the Apple Store/With the number of users to soar/And 2 rounds of financing totaling $57 million at higher valuations to come into the cash ledger open door/On April 3, 2012 Instagram introduced its app for Android phones which was downloaded 1 million times on the first day/On April 9, 2012 Facebook announced a deal to buy Instagram for $300 million in cash and 23 million Facebook shares for a total price of 1 billion bucks/ The deal closed on September 6, 2012 netting founder Systrom $400 million for a pivot decision that was pure genius or a bit of great luck.
              3.      On this day in 2007 Jason Lewis after leaving London with Stevie Smith on July 12, 1994 arrived back/After completing a circumnavigation of the globe powered only by the muscles in his arms, legs, shoulder and back /Travelling 46,505 miles in 4833 days/Lost his partner along the way/Stevie Smith in Hawaii who decided  his circumnavigation would end/To continue the journey alone or sometimes with friends/ Overcame 2 bouts of malaria, sepsis, mild schizophrenia and 2 broken legs hit while inline skating by a DUI/But even those events and an attack by a croc could not his successful quest deny/A great win for the human spirit and ingenuity to obstacles circumvent/Barred from pedaling a 178 mile segment to the Aswan Dam, he sneaked by pedaling the distance at night.
              4.      On this day in 1981 President Anwar Sadat was assassinated at the celebration of the crossing of the Suez Canal on this day during the Yom Kippur War/That caused his popularity and morale in the Egyptian Armed Forces to soar/But as the tables were turned and Egyptian forces East of the Canal now trapped and Israeli forces on Cairo very near/Convinced Sadat that peace with Israel needed to appear/Thanks to his desire for peace and the efforts of Clinton and Carter, Sadat and Begin on March 26, 1979/In Washington, D.C. witnessed by Carter a peace treaty was signed/To the Palestinians and Islamic fanatics this was a mortal sin/And followed on their vow to do him in.
            5.      On this day in 1979 during Pope John Paul’s first visit to the U.S./After invited by an Iowa farmer to him American agriculture impress/his 6th and last visit was to D.C. to meet with Carter not as diplomats but 2 Christians very devout/Then to the Capital Mall National Mall for a Mass with him that over 175,000 would turn out/The visit with the masses of cheering crowds a justification of his moniker John Paul II Super Star/The first non-Italian Pope since the 16th Century, one of the youngest and 3rd longest serving and with 129 countries visited by most travelled by far.
             Quote on Anwar Sadat by Henry Kissinger, former U.S. Secretary of State:He was violently attacked by Arab nationalists, but he did more for Arab nationalists by changing the image of Arab leaders in America than they could possibly have done for themselves. I had the privilege of negotiating the first two agreements with him, and from there he went on to his historic trip to Israel.
           Today, everyone takes that for granted. But I don't know any expert who, 48 hours before Sadat announced that trip, would have believed that any Arab leader would simply and unilaterally announce himself on a visit to Israel, lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, address the Israeli Parliament, and make a breakthrough towards universal peace in the area.
           This was a move of extraordinary strength and almost prophetic vision. That is why I call him the greatest man that I have met. Anwar Sadat was not a pacifist. He proved that he could fight for his convictions. He was anything but soft. He could be very, very tough.

© October 6, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet
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