Saturday, October 7, 2023

Dick Chruch's No Pews Only Menus of Great Food and Service


Dick Church’s No Pews Only Menus of Great Food and Great Service


It should be disturbing that church attendance continues to decline
But there is a church in Costa Mesa where it’s growing just fine
A church designed not to nourish the soul
But to please the taste buds and sate the stomach as its goal
Dick Church’s restaurant for breakfast is a great way
To fuel up and to take on the world and start your day
This gourmand of petit dejeuner loves the choices the menu displays
DIY Omelet/Scramble with choice of  cheeses and three toppings to choose
No matter the combo there is no way you can lose
Two eggs and green peppers with homemade corned beef hash
Any hope that from a can Hormel could come close to match quickly dashed
And for those on a healthy kick
A large bowl of steel cut oatmeal does the trick
The list goes on and on
Disappointment in choices and quality will not dawn
Prices leave your wallet still reasonably thick
And the service is exceptionally quick
One of the servers, Meredith G
Epitomizes the service when eating out you want to see
Pony tail bobbing as among tables she quickly weaves
Next to impossible to an empty coffee cup needing refilling to achieve
They used to add dinner to the meal choices but now on a temporary hold
When they resume indoors or outdoors on a patio in rhyme another review will be told

October 6, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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