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October 19, 2023 Ridley's Believe It Or Not


            President Biden’s speech writers did well and the teleprompter with easy to read print and slow enough for him to keep up to enable him to deliver a great speech on why we must assist Israel and Ukraine as both are attacked by forces that want to them as nations exterminate. Pointed out the need to make Iran accountable but as he was speaking rocket attacks hit a U.S. base in Iraq which mean whoever launched them are not deterred by Biden’s tough words.  Once again if Tlaib was listening, which her bias would prevent her from opening up her ears, he reiterated the fact that the Gaza hospital was not by the IDF attacked.           
            On the dysfunctional Red Speakerless front, the move to give interim Speaker McHenry powers to enable it on an interim basis conduct business has failed so Jim Jordan is still in the race. The time is running out for the Reds to avoid another shutdown crisis and  deliver on solutions to the pressing problems the nation is facing around the world and at home and as much as Tlaib deserves censure for spreading lies about the Gaza hospital attack, the Reds have bigger fish to fry.
             On the Hamas Israel War front, Biden wants to send $100 million of aid into Gaza without any proof of life evidence that the American hostages are still alive. We need to harken back to the days of the Barbary Pirates War where Americans refused to pay a penny for tribute and built frigates instead to counter the menace. Not one penny until they are released and mechanisms are in place to insure no a cent of aid for the Gazan ends up in the hands of Amas. The Israeli military has confirmed there are 203 hostages in the hands of Hamas, including 30 children and 20 seniors but I cannot find the number of whom are Americans but did find an update that 32 Americans were killed in the Hamas invasion.
             Also on the Hamas Israel War front another Biden Administration gaffe with potential deadly effects and during his delaying the Israeli invasion visit to Israel American special forces gearing up to be in a position to try to rescue American hostages were doxed, destroying their anonymity. The students on our elite universities who will not denounce Hamas but will Israel condemn as the oppressor committing war crimes should remove the bias plugs from their ears and listen to Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of a founder of Hamas who has declared that Hamas could care less about Palestinians and their only goal is create a world Islamic state at the expense of dead Palestinians.
             On the X fact check front, when AFT president lied about the union fighting to keep schools open during the pandemic, fact checkers came out in droves to correct her lie but since she can’t stand criticism that represents the truth, a used cannot respond to her lies unless that person follows her.                       On the Red Presidential Primary front, the dwarfs chasing Trump White must be inwardly cheering the formed Trump campaign lawyer Sydney Powell has entered a guilty plea in a plea deal on the eve of her trial which means she has been flipped and most likely to the extent not barred by the attorney client privilege be testifying against him in the Georgia election interference trial. 
            On the transgender front in the Land Down Under, a Men’s Magazine Maxim appears to have bet hit with the Woke disease as it added a transgender male to its “hot females.”

            October 19, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet 
             Noted Holidays: International Gin and Tonic Day, created on this day in 2010  by Jayne Withers and Nicola Billington whose grandmother Mary Edith Keyburn, a gin and tonic lover, age 95 was in the hospital and who passed with a gin and tonic in a tea cup that Jayne and Nicola has smuggled in for her to enjoy before she passed.
        Word of the Day: The word of the day as we continue with words starting with “b” is  “bastinade”   which means to beat with a stick or baton usually on the feet which is very effective means of torture questioning to get someone to talk.
              Song of the Day: The number 1 song on this day in 1959 was “Mack the Knife” by Bobby Darin on a  run of 9 weeks noncontinuous to share number 1 status with 15  other songs achieving number 1 ranking while 9 acts, including Bobby Darin,  achieved number one status for the first time. Here is a video with lyrics of Bobby Darin on the Ed Sullivan Show performing “Mack the Knife”:      
         October 19 Birthdays: “Go LIV Go PGA Away”: Louis Oosthuizen, born on this day in 1982 in Mossel Bay, South Africa, Texas to become thanks to fellow South African early sponsorship a noted professional golfer and winner of the British Open and runner-up in all the other majors who joined LIV in 2022 and was promptly suspended from the PGA.
               October 19 Historical Events in Rhyme
          1.     On this day in 2019 members of Parliament at the House of Lords met/For the first time since the Falkland War onset/To discuss whether in the EU the United Kingdom would stay/Or whether it would packing its bags and go its own way.
               2.      On this day in 2005 Hurricane Wilma had the lowest barometric pressure yet seen/As its CAT5  195 m.p.h. winds were blowing Caribbean Islands structures to smithereens/Lowest barometric pressure for a hurricane to behold/$22.5 billion in property damages and after 12 days of devastation 52 deaths all told.
         3.      On this day in 2005 the trial of Saddam Hussein for crimes against humanity began/As millions of oppressed Iraqis were relieved he no longer terrorized the land/Defiant to the end that he could not be tried/Right up to the end with a noose around his neck when the trap door opened and he died.
               4.      On this Black Monday in 1987  we learned that roller coasters are not just rides/When the Dow Jones fell 22% until the market closed to end the downward slide/It was estimated that $1.71 trillion was lost world wide/Another lesson that the rule of what goes up can come down the markets abide.
          5.      On this day in 1943/At Rutgers university/Researchers isolated the first antibiotic to treat TB/Streptomycin treatments were able to render patients TB backteria free.
               Quote on Tuberculosis by Paul Farmer, noted physician and advocate of medical care in poorer communities and nations: “We've taken on the major health problems of the poorest - tuberculosis, maternal mortality, AIDS, malaria - in four countries. We've scored some victories in the sense that we've cured or treated thousands and changed the discourse about what is possible.
© October 19, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet
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