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October 11, 2023 Ridley's Believe It Or Not


              On the House Speaker front, Steve Scalise has been elected by the House Republicans to be the Speaker of the House with a vote of the full House expected today and it will be interesting in a show of bipartisanship with the nation facing funding requirements on 2 fronts and with China licking its chops in anticipation of a weakening of resolve a third front in Taiwan a real probability to see some Blue votes vote in favor of him.
             On the Israeli-Hamas War front, the death toll of Americans being in the wrong place at the wrong time has risen to 22 and there are an unknown number of American hostages being held by Hamas in Gaza. Israel continues to call up reservists as it prepares to begin the difficult task of exterminating Hamas in Gaza in the hundreds of miles of tunnels in what will prove to be a deadly and bloody war. Jordan and Iraq and to some surprise Egypt slammed Israel for its strikes in Gaza while here at home lacking support for Israel among the Squad and blacks which is really surprising given the fact that Jews marched alongside blacks and even gave some lives during the Civil Rights Movement fighting to overturn Jim Crow Laws. Too many students and professors at elite universities are blaming Israel for the Hamas attacks due to Israeli oppression as Sanders calls Israel’s blockade of food, fuel, water and power into Gaza a war crime.
            Only in America do we have freedom of speech unless of course you are a conservative who wants to the dangers of open borders preach as bands of students blame Israel for the Hamas invasion and Hamas and the Palestinians in Gaza as martyrs praise but should be shamed as their faces are hidden by masks. How can these supposedly highly educated students be oblivious to the fact that at least 22 of their fellow Americans have been killed and an unknown number kidnapped as hostages.
            On the crime front in Manhattan Beach, California Prestige Jewelers which had been robbed by thieves of $250,000 worth of Rolex watches in 2014 was hit again by a band of smash and grab robbers armed with hammers who started to attack the jewelry cases but to quickly stop and flee after an employee pulled a gun and fired one shot at them that missed.
            On defund the police front in Seattle, suffering from crime and resigning members of the force, the Mayor of Seattle Bruce Harrel proposed a $17 million dollar increase the SPD’s budget only to have protestors at his home demanding the increase be rescinded.
              On the silence is not golden when it comes to terroism front , soft onf crime L.A. D.A. George Gascon has received a letter signed by 131 former and current Assistant D.A.’s castigating him for his silence on the brutal Hamas attacks.
             On Iran’s involvement in the attacks by Iran’s client state Hamas on Israel the Biden Administration, despite a Wall Street Journal to contrary on Iran’s involvement in the planning and approval of the invasion, is still insisting there is no link between Iran and the Hamas attacks but in announcing additional aid to Israel he has cryptically warned Iran to “be careful” as many in Congress are demanding the Administration “refreeze” the $6 billion in assets it released to Iran in exchange  for 5 American hostages.
             On the power of Taylor Swift front, L.A.’s popular shopping and center and farmer’s market was closed to shoppers as fans converged on the AMC Theaters to premier her Eras Tour movie.
            On the we don’t need another crime problem in California front, Governor Newsom should have known the his signing of Senate Bill 357 which overturned prior laws which banned loitering to solicit prostitution that prostitution would surge which it has and bringing with it all manner of sexually transmitted diseases some of which like AIDS are deadly and expensive to treat.
           October 11,  2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet 
           Noted Holidays: Stop Violence Everywhere Day aka SAVE was created in June of 1995 by the AMA Alliance and celebrated on the second Wednesday in October to promote programs to decrease violence starting with elementary school aged kids. A great goal but as we look at the violence in our urban areas clearly more attention is needed as the violence seems to become more deadly each and every year.
            Word of the Day: The word of the day as we proceed with words starting with “b” is  “bandobast”  which means preparation or an arrangement for dealing with something.
             Song of the Day: The number 1 song on this day in 1965 was “Yesterday” by The Beatles on a  run of 4 weeks to share number 1 status with 27 other songs achieving number 1 ranking while 14 acts achieved number one status for the first time.  Here is a recording of The Beatles  performing “Yesterday”:
              October 11 Birthdays: “Electrifying Lighting Up the Defense”— T.J. Watts, noted outside linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers, born in Pewaukee, Wisconsin on this day in 1994, who has become an all pro linebacker and the co-owner of the most quarterback sacks. Terrifying most quarterbacks and the offensive linemen tasked to the unenviable duty of trying to block him. Playing with a badly and painful dislocated finger but still a defensive force to reckon with.
             October 11 Historical Events in Rhyme
             1.      On this day in 1991 Professor Anita Hill/Hoping to Clarence Thomas’ nomination for SCOTUS kill/Appeared on national TV to her claims of Thomas sexual harassment reveal/Doubters questioned her veracity though supported by a polygraph because for 10 years the allegations she concealed/Thomas vehemently denied the accusations claiming the hearings were judicial lynching of a conservative black man/That was pure racism if the Senate did not the charges withstand/With Senators facing the he said she said with racism charges in the air/The vote to confirm was close by at 52-48 Thomas was confirmed to sit in a SCOTUS chair/ 27 years later Justice Kavanaugh was blindsided by a 36 year old sexual assault claim/Details of which were obscure and inexact as he like Thomas vehemently defended his good name/Confirmed 50-48 by only 2 votes/Setting the near normal that bipartisanship in judicial confirmations is becoming very remote.
              2.      On this day in 1987 when the AIDS Pandemic was killing more and more victims each day/And funeral homes fearful a victim’s funeral would cause the AIDS to spread would send the deceased and their families away/The AIDS Memorial Quilt weighing some 54 tons/ After the sewing of all the panels was done/Was first displayed on the Second March on Washington for Gay and Lesbian Rights/The numbers infected and dead an impetus to create drugs that would be able to the disease successfully fight.
              3.      On this day in 1968 the race to land a man on the Moon and bring  him back/With NASA’s launch of Apollo 7 to achieve the goal before the end of the decade was  on track/The first launch of an Apollo spacecraft after the launch rehearsal on January 27, 1967 a fire had the crew killed/All systems worked even though the Lunar Lander not attached to move forward 2 months later with Apollo 8 to complete orbiting the Moon 10 times drill.
               4.      On this day in 1890 in Washington D.C. the Daughters of the American Revolution was founded/ With membership available to all women who could trace their lineal descent to those ancestors who served in the Revolutionary War on the seas or on the ground/ Who signed the Declaration of Independence or tossed into Boston Harbor chests of tea/Or served as a civil servant or who provided aid and support to insure the 13 colonies would be from Britain become free/ 185,000 members with the motto “God, Home and Country”/Total nemesis of the cancel culture warriors who want to remove our statutes and denigrate and demean our history.
              5.      On this day in 1811 New York Harbor became much easier to navigate/As the first steam powered ferry Juliana steamed between Manhattan and Hoboken with passengers and freight/Built by John Stevens, a  noted steam power engineer/His efforts and those like Fulton’s would mean that cargo and passenger carrying ships powered only by sail had their days numbered and would disappear.
               Quote on America’s Human Space Travel Goals by Heidi Hammel, noted American astronomer designated by Discovery Magazine in 2003 as one of America’s top 50 women in science: I think the only way that the U.S. human spaceflight program is going to get really revitalized, really put sort of an Apollo level push on it, is if some other country, perhaps China, were to actually have a landed flight to the moon and brought back our American flag and put it in Tiananmen Square.
© October 11, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet
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