Sunday, October 15, 2023

Ferocious Breast Cancer Fighter Three's Company Suzanne Is Dead on the Eve of Her 77th Birthday


Once again we learn that for women, breast cancer is too often the ultimate bummer
After a fight 23 years of remissions and returns cancer has claimed the life of Suzanne Somers
On Three’s Company she was the ultimate blond bomb shell
Coupled with comedy with her sexual beauty, the show ratings did very well
When the show ended she found greater fortune and fame
With “Thighmasters” to on legs and thighs flab tame
A decades proponent of you are what you eat
Best to be toxic chemicals free to disease and illness defeat
She was the healthy nutrition is the life extender queen
Often on talk shows aging so well and slowly seen
But breast cancer is a relentless foe
Treated into remission but then coming back to grow
For 2 decades unknown to her fans she fought it tooth and nail
No way would her fighting spirit and super healthy diet allow her to fail
Sadly even when lulled into a victory sense it under the radar moved ahead
Finally with great sorrow we learn on the 15th of October Suzanne Somers is now dead
Rest in Peace your acting made us laugh
And better foods in our cupboards to staff
Not sure the diet that God and the angles follow
TBut with you at their sides better choices they’ll have to swallow

© 10/15/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


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