Thursday, December 29, 2016

Death Comes In Threes But Third Victim is Debbie Reynolds not Oval Office Alec

When it comes to bad taste meriting condemnation
Alec Baldwin is the most egregious in this nation
Two celebrities died at an early age
The outpourings of grief and accolades filled many a page
Carrie Fisher who not even the Jedi could save
A massive heart attack heading her to a far too early grave
George Michael whose music will live forever on discs and from the musicians that he inspired
Dead also at the earlier age of 50—listening to him perform–a pastime his fans never tired
What do we hear from Alec Baldwin to add to the many tributes?
Only the following Tweet which merits our stern rebuke
“Death comes in threes. Carrie Fisher George Michael The integrity of the Oval Office”
The Oval Office integrity died 8 years ago with Obama’s Hope and Change promise
But to the extent that death comes in threes
With that part of the tweet I have to agree
But the third victim here was not the integrity for it had long since been dead
From hope and change to no smidgeons of IRS corruption to keep your plan, torn to shreds
The third victim which this insensitive, egotistical oaf should have had the sense to surmise
Would be an 84 year old mother of Carrie Fisher suffering great grief over her daughter’s impending demise
Baldwin must not be bright enough when he is without a script
To know that a “massive heart attack” can be a quick trip to the family crypt
A man like Baldwin swearing at his 11 year old daughter must be clueless about grief and pain a parent feels
When he is in great fear that his child will not from her malady or injury soon heal
And when death comes it comes like a hot poker searing and piercing a parent’s heart
Must be how Debbie Reynolds felt when the news came that her daughter from this world did depart
At 84 such news would be like needing to win Powerball to stay alive
 Too high the odds and a stroke hopefully one quick and painless that she could not survive
Artistic freedom and freedom of expression is a cornerstone of this nation but certainly SNL could find another Trump-like to Baldwin replace
I am sure that the 60 million plus deplorables and millions of nondeplorable fans of Fisher would love not ever having to look at his face.
© December 29, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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