Thursday, December 1, 2016

Obama Blames Loss on Fox

    If only Obama could have governed with the same skill and passion he used to     give a speech
    Not a single goal of his he would not have been be able to have had a chance to     reach
Instead this great community organizer with only the ability not to deliver but only speak
Is facing the rotted detritus of a soon to be erased legacy that not only smells but really reeks
Never again can this nation go down a path strewn only with brave, but delusional  words and lacking deeds
Finally in a moment no one other than the deplorables could ever have surmised
A winning campaign that all the rules in the past had to be completely revised
The art of the speech finally trumped by the art of the deal
Moving forward into a troubled world that failings can no longer be concealed
But the master of the deal more likely than not wants this nation to succeed and the divisions heal
While the legacy loser can only seek those to blame for results he cannot repeal
The Blues led by Obama and Hillary are like a Potemkin village on the coasts, a masterpiece to see
Refined gents and ladies on the patios watching the boats, sipping fine wine and savoring fine brie
Enjoying bagels topped with cream cheese, capers, onions and lox
Smugly listening to solemn voices from Obama and his minions that Trump’s win was due to Fox
Like a Hollywood set where the celebs feel so much at home only an empty shell
When the façade doors opened on the inside where it matters only to the homeland an empty shell
© December 1, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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