Monday, December 26, 2016

Losers Don't Write History of Elections Hillary

In war to the winners belongs the spoils
The losers’ lands reduced to rubble, homes leveled to the soil
In politics the winners get to judges and high officials chose
In countries other than the U.S. the losers’ freedom and lives sometimes to lose
Even when the transition is peaceful the winners get to write the election history
Which might explain why the Clinton camp on why they lost is in full on sophistry
Fingers of blame pointed at Comey, her trusted advisers, even her trusted Abedin does not escape
Along with the Russians whose hacking according to her sealed Hillary’s losing fate
Leave it to Putin to chastise Hillary for showing sour grapes
While failing in her message about deplorables she would not reshape  
The media including the Clinton News Network were attacked for being too easy in their coverage of Trump
Look at the reality of the scorn, false polling numbers and bias and that sophistry should be tossed into the nearest dump
The two people that are to be free of any blame are the two with Clinton for a last name
Try as she might Hillary could not her disdain, overconfidence, deception, lack of energy begin to tame
Because of the most populous state with the largest number of liberal and leftist Blues she the popular vote won
Even so when it came to campaigns it was a pathetic campaign she tried to run
Campaign rallies needed cheerleaders almost with “applause” or “cheering” cards for the audience to perform
But even the most rabid fans at the rallies were dwarfed by Trump’s and her few fans’ support was at best lukewarm
In the end she ran out of energy, ran out of  gas while in swing states Trump was surging past
Over a billion dollars on TV ads did not trump Trump’s surging rallies with his “Make America Great Again” mantra upcast
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