Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Waters Promises Scorched Earth Against Trump

If there ever was a candidate for who would be the poster child for term limits, it would be Maxine
A denizen of the swamp,  a public parasite all her life showing anger against Trump and venting her spleen
She has been in Congress in safe districts in California since 1991
Always with at least 70 percent of the vote in all the elections she has won
A member of the California Assembly since 1976 and before that a deputy to an Assemblyman for three years
She represents exactly what the founding fathers of this country despised, politicians making their office a career
Ms. Water announced that the Blues in dealing with the Reds when they had the majority have been too kind
What land of delusion does this swamp creature come from when the tyrannical Pelosi would shut off the lights leaving the chambers blind
How nice was it when the Blues under Reid and Pelosi jammed the ACA through denying any input from the Reds
Then used a budget reconciliation bill to any chance of filibuster shed
Sowed the seeds of ACA’s destruction when it’s a Republican president instead
They should be praying that the art of the deal master allows them some morsels of political bread
So this 78 year old swamp creature declared a scorched earth war against Trump and will fight him every inch of the way
Talk about nonproductive and blatant obstructionist partisanship on display
This Congresswomen  further demeans the office of the President by refusing to even with him meet
There is a new sheriff for urban blacks who unlike the Blues will want jobs, education and law and order to poverty and the fast track to jail defeat
I can only feel pity for those poor and Blue abandoned inner city residents of her district while she remains seated
Any chance with a roadblock like Waters, her constituents’ chance for even an iota of the American dream will be defeated.
The Blues under Obama have lost a 1000 federal and state legislative seats and governorships yet with the likes of Pelosi and Waters are in denial mode
Schumer is at least showing some amount of class indicating he is willing to find common ground to avoid seeing the number of Blue Senators in 2018 erode
© December 27, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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