Wednesday, December 14, 2016

What About "You Lost" Does Pelosi and Podesta Not Get?

It is good to see that Pelosi has passed on to her daughter Christine her biased partisanship genes
Like her mother her daughter looks like she views the private sector as an alien scene
A campaign strategist engaged by Blue candidates to win seats and probably a big proponent of the ends justifies the means
She is spearheading the effort getting a lot of air time to from Trump Electors to wean
Excuse after excuse on why Hillary lost while the real reason they continue to ignore
She was a deceptive, untrustworthy, felonious candidate that put security at risk not fit to go through the White House door
The latest round of excuses that Christine and her fellow 53 Blue Electors are now trying to advance
Is that President-elect Trump is not fit because the Russians by hacking ruined Hillary’s coronation chance
To make that argument somehow stick they allege without an evidentiary shred
That Trump must have conspired with the Russians as an accomplice to deny her sleeping in the White House bed
Only a paranoid fool like Hillary would somehow come to believe that her private server account would not be hacked
And for Trump to in the debates suggest the emails wiped clean by her were probably in Russian hands did not merit the media flack
Podesta has chimed in and with Pelosi wants the Electors most of whom have no security clearance to the CIA’s classified findings review
Like the Hillary’s extremely careless handling of classified material that may have put assets at risk, another sad case of déjà vu
Hopefully the Trump Transition Team has a winning plan
That Ryan will enforce on his fellow Reds with an iron hand
If somehow, someway 37 Red selected Electors choose to the will of the voters in their state
Ignore and send the election into the House controlled by the Reds to meet this certain fate
Reds vote for Trump as one
And this farce by the Blues unwilling to accept defeat will be done.  
© December 14, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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